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Vetsie is raising the bar for animal care with a premium pet health marketplace. Empower your organization with trusted pet care.

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Pet Health Corporations
Vetsie works with large corporations to help pet health providers enhance their daily workflow by streamlining communication and adding an additional revenue source for paid client communication. The flexible nature of Vetsie’s platform helps sustain pet health careers while opening up an additional communication channel for pet parents and their teams, creating a healthier community.
Vetsie helps employers and businesses to provide convenient pet care to your organization. In a world where pet care is in high demand, we provide a trusted ecosystem that benefits your employees’ physical, financial wellbeing and last but not least, convenient pet care for their loved ones.
Pet Organizations
Vetsie partners with a wide range of pet organizations — from retail partnerships, rescues and shelter associations, and pet professional partnerships. We are here to provide a gold standard marketplace and digital tools to provide my value to you and your furries.
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