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Our Partners

We are proud to partner and collaborate with these organizations. Together, we are committed to helping more pets, and being there for our pet parents.

Tails of Help
We donate a portion of our proceeds to Tails of Help to help more pet owners in need.
Tail Blazers
We proudly support and work with Tail Blazers - Legacy location.
One of Canada's largest, single source of products and supply groups for veterinarians.
Pet Drug Mart
Pets Drug Mart carries medications for all animals, dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles and horses and livestock.


And of course, our corporate partners and supporters.
First Fund VC
First Fund is a venture capital firm based in Vancouver, Canada.
Beuvray Ventures
A VC firm focused on the tech innovation ecosystem through angel-investing and advising.
Alberta Innovates
AI promotes companies through research, innovation and entrepreneurship in Alberta.
Founder Institute
The Founder Institute is the world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator based in Silicone Valley.
FI Select Portfolio
The Founder Institute's Select Portfolio is a designation given to the top 2% of Graduates.